The objectives of the Order

Today, the world is in a phase of universalization by the simple fact that it is in the time of globalization; the world has become «one» through the reality of communication. What established different visions yesterday, which were the specific expression of each land, can today establish a unified vision through the complementarity of the differences and specificities expressed by each of them.

The role of the Order is to participate in this globalization so that it is an opportunity for universalization through the meeting of people. The encounters of fertilization and enrichment of consciousness through philosophies, religions, knowledge, science, and cultures have contributed to the birth of an enlarged consciousness of Humankind.

ln this moment of such immediacy of the world, what must be combined is not a reduction of human values but a widening of these values. It is not a renouncement of one’s values in order to adopt the values of others; rather it is a fusion of different values so as to create a body of larger values, a broader vision of the world and a larger recognition of Humankind.

The notion of progress seems to have disappeared from the vocabulary, from the aspirations and goals of men and women. More than ever it is vital because it expresses the nature and the essence of Humankind: to evaluate and reveal its dimension. The notion of progress must therefore be renewed. lt cannot remain in the material sphere whose actual mastery by men and women today, if they wanted and knew how to organize it, could technically satisfy their basic needs.

The notion of progress is essential for the progress of consciousness. It does not consist of rediscovering what we already know or what we knew, but of discovering what we do not yet know through the meeting of men and women and all the facets of their expressions, in order to discover a dimension of Humankind not yet understood and embodied: universality.