The Spiritual Dimension of the Order


Human action is inconceivable without the spiritual dimension, which is the mystery of creation and of its purpose. Spirituality must be embodied to have a concrete influence over the world. If the goal of spirituality is not to radiate through those who embody it and to influence the century and illuminate the world, it is but an illusion.

The Order does not conceive of the mystery of Humankind and its spiritual dimension without the reality of its concrete application, which must be done through acts and achievements that allow men and women the freedom of their choices, being in the expression of them, in the freedom to assume their life and their destiny in the best possible conditions, so that life provides the fertile ground in which consciousness can flourish, and develop the fruits of this consciousness.

In essence, the Path of Concordance is first and foremost expressed through spirituality and then through all other subject matters

Religions have been expressed in successive periods of history, in a complementary way, and always under different structures and representations of the world, where each one delivered a part of the message of understanding, representation and recognition of Humankind and the Divine. Today they have to be expressed in the present time of the Earth and the human beings that inhabit it, in order to reveal to Humankind another dimension of itself: universality, to which consciousness – that men and women are gifted with – requests the access.

Regarding the fields of science and human sciences (physics, astrophysics, medicine, psychiatry, mathe- matics), the Order gives access to a general knowledge that reconciles, reveals the complementarity of different theoretical and practical schools. These reconciliations could lead to new revelations, new understandings and new practices, more productive in conditions favorable for the development and expression of life in all its facets.

The expression the Order must have today is to embody the latest update, and delineate and show the way of progress for Humankind. The objective of the Order is to provide men and women with the means to choose their future and accomplish it through the consciousness and knowledge that it allows them to take of the world.