When we observe the universe and its components from the infinitely small to the infinitely large, we can note that the Order presides in everything and for everything. The word Order thus takes on all its power and meaning.

The Order in the physical world is in itself an entity of a group of men and women who come from all walks of life on the planet.


What brings together these men and women is a common vision on life, things and the world; a belief in the Creator, a desire to progress on the spiritual path while keeping one’s personality, identity, religion, and one’s freedom to think, act and create.

What brings them together is the decision to participate in the construction of the future and the awareness that it depends on what is done in the present.

The Order is not involved in politics and does not influence politicians.The Order is beyond parties and religions. lt embodies the Path of Concordance. lts objective is to assist men and women at the level of the collective regardless of their religion, their country, their continent. lts work is spiritual and energetic to work on «negative wefts» stemming from wars, attacks, revolutions and any kind of disorder. Its actions aim to calm the tensions and ensure that people who have suffered from abuses can regain peace in their hearts so that they can then make their choices independently.

The Order teaches the language of energetics and energetic feeling as well as the work on the forces that generate disasters (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes) in order to minimize the consequences and help and rescue people.


Why has the Order decided to express itself today?

Why go public after centuries of silence?

The Order experienced a resurgence in Europe in 1952. For more than 60 years, its teachings were disseminated to groups of Initiates and its actions remained secret. All these years of secrecy have prepared us for a new time where this knowledge will be put into action for all. Who can participate in this action? Anyone who has a desire to be an example and master of his or her life, those who have decided that the failings of the world we live in -moral, ecological, financial, human- are unacceptable, those who have decided to act for Universality, Consciousness, and for the victory of the Spirit.


To all who recognize these values, to all who wish to create a new world, Welcome to the action!

Welcome to the Order!