Become conscious that this Ninth Law which is the Law of Asceticism is totally essential to Human for it’s own fulfilment in this collective of creation. Asceticism is one and indivisible but multiple. Inside oneself, each lives one’s own asceticism in the multiplicity of one’s projections.

Asceticism is freedom, this freedom is a Fight, and a total Fight against one’s interior beasts, against one’s negative facets, which arise when one, is least ready for them. A fight of each instant against unconsciousness which is also a destructive energy because it is subjected to the forces of matter which swallow it to digest its essence and its translations. A fight which is a fight in the collective of the Lower Realm because you are conscious of the collective of the Higher Realm but you are not conscious of the collective of the Lower Realm, of this hereditary chain, of the facets of matter which were perpetuated throughout time in order to assure their perpetuity in this manifestation.

There exists a collective of the forces of matter. Thus, by fighting against your interior beasts, you untie and create for the collective of the Lower Realm, because you release your attachments, thus freeing this collective of the Human in the womb of matter which keeps humans prisoner of this plane of sub-consciousness of humanity, of the telluric forces and of the Karma of the Cycle.

Asceticism is not castration, Asceticism is not obligation, Asceticism is not deprivation, Asceticism is a position of consciousness for a fight of Freedom in total freedom of expression of one’s Self without any attachment holding Human on these inferior planes. Live Asceticism each instant of your life, in the beauty, joy and expansion of this fight of freedom for freedom in the freedom of Being.