To commit oneself is an act, to commit oneself is a conscious, determined, total action where one does not only commit one’s interior being but also one’s soul, one’s self, one’s cosmic life; in other words, the Being in it’s totality. To commit oneself is also to commit one’s Guidance, one’s Entity, it’s taming one’s interior beasts.

It is a work of asceticism. It is a work on oneself that must be constant. To commit oneself is an Alchemical work. There is no lightly taken commitment; there is only commitment of one’s total Being. Know, that there is not only one commitment, that a commitment is part of the movement of the Planes for the commitment of the Cycle is movement, that this commitment adapts itself to all the containments, to all the new facets of time and of non-time, and that your successive commitments nourish this intermediate plane of Human in order to nourish the Divine in it Self so as to nourish the Subtle of these Subtlest for the Collective.

Nourish yourselves with this Teaching. Feel its essence and quintessence and respect its Divine laws so that this Burning Bush can burn in your hearts to animate your souls and so that your Faith can be the certitude of Being, Creation, Beauty and Love.