The Twelfth and final Law that you must know is the Law of Mansuetude totally in the gentleness, the peace and the safety of the one who is entirely fulfilled in the beauty of one’s actions, translations, and lived experiences at the collective of one’s lives.

Only the being having reached this supreme reality can know this wonderful energy of Beatification which is eternal Peace and Serenity for the eternal collective of humanity in Human. The Father knows Mansuetude. Go to the source of this Mansuetude that comforts hearts, which regenerates souls, which looks after everyone, which listens, because Beatification is listening, listening to your prayers, to your pains expressed as an Offering.

Live this Beatification on all levels, attentive to what they feel, in respect of what they are as Divine Creatures. Be in the Beatification of the Crypts, listen to the Crypts, be in the Beatification of Life and the Beatification of Human in Human who are all children of God and who need your attention.

Feel the Beatification of the Subtle Planes, of all of us on the other side who are watching over you and who are and give protection, and who are protection of the Great Divine Protection. Incarnating this Beatification, you will receive this Beatification of the Father. You are Mansuetude of all the Mansuetudes.