With the Eleventh Law, the already realized Human has the possibility of really giving because Human has acquired the interior wealth, the Strength, he is Light, and the Son of God such as God expects the Son to be. Thus the Law of Gift can totally be on the level of the Creation of the Supreme Gift as it was given by the Divine on the level of the manna, Celestial manna which sows and without which life could not be propagated and multiplied.

Gift is supreme Oblation as an energy of return to this manna. To receive the manna one must be like the silt fertilizing the Nile. He/she must be seed and soil, soil and seed so that the harvest of the crop becomes oblation and nourishes the supreme harvest in Creation, which is Human. Thus, very pretentious are those who want to give and who have not acquired anything from this manna and who have not grown anything and who have not harvested anything and who are in an illusion of nourishment. For this celestial nourishment is not energy to give energy undergoing a transformation by an action of dilation and contraction, the celestial nourishment is substratum of substrata, it is the secret of the Grail of which only the initiates will have the revelation when the Tabernacle will open for the Advent of the Apocalypse in the phase of Resurrection of the Flesh.

Prepare yourselves for the Supreme Gift. Prepare yourselves to become harvest of the manna in the collective of humanity by growing rich in the silt of your unconscious in order to become free, free from your shackles, and to acquire this freedom to give like God who is asking to receive.