With the Tenth Law, Human expresses its Rectitude in Action. The Law of Rectitude is a directional law. It is a Directional Beam of Consciousness where Human is fully conscious of the direction he is taking, of the choices he has made, of his commitments. He directs his action with beams of consciousness, he is unshakeable, he wears the armour of the Knights, the Shield of Protection, he has the Spear that loses its yoke in the negative design and which reaches the ineluctable (unavoidable) target.

Without batting an eye-lid he gets into the Chariot, which leads him to Victory; he never lets himself be shaken by useless motivations, by sterile, intellectual reasoning. He is in the rectitude of being which opens towards total action, which enables the commitment to Be.

This law of rectitude is a state, which enables one to receive the interior light coming from the meditation inherent in Asceticism and from one’s victories over the beasts. One cannot be in rectitude if one has not totally mastered one’s deep Me, one’s undecided I, one’s mad beasts.

Rectitude is the commitment of Commitments in a state of solidity, where the Order can rely on the one who incarnates this rectitude because he is an indestructible pillar, which holds the Temple enabling the action to be victorious for the glory of the One.

The one, who is on the level of this law of rectitude when he/she passes over to the other side, ascends directly to the light of what it is, without going through the intermediate layers. No purgatory, no painful dense layers for the one who is in this rectitude which is Jacob’s ladder crossing the layers in order to have access to the most subtle planes of which the Angels are guardians. Rectitude is always welcomed by trumpets of Glory which resonate at the highest level of Heaven for the one who incarnates it in the totality of it’s being.